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Up to now, cattle feed Co., Ltd. we have been present in the market for more than 30 years. From a manual production facility, with a small market, we have made great strides in the industry, rising to become one of the largest animal feed manufacturers in Vietnam with products high quality animal feed for Cattle – Poultry and Aquaculture. We focus on improving technology, improving quality to bring high economic efficiency to customers and help us develop sustainably.

Spirit of production activities of cattle feed Co., Ltd:

1. – Better quality with new steps – Power from quality. The quality of animal feed is produced using selected materials from the world’s leading raw material suppliers, on modern technological machinery lines according to European and American standards. .

2. – Specialized in producing animal feed always strives to best fulfill its role of producing animal feed. Always bring the best solutions and advice to people. The development of livestock farmers is our development.

3. – Bringing breeding efficiency always wants farmers to achieve the highest efficiency from our animal feed products. Therefore, we provide the market with products suitable for each development stage of Livestock – Poultry and Aquaculture, suitable for each region, and suitable for each farm.

4. – Virtuous businessman is a family company. For 3 generations, we have always worked with passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to the profession. We always want to bring better results for farmers every day.